Agririfugio Molini

About Us

The Cooperative also does agricultural and forestry works for individuals and private or public authorities.


Andrea, Alessandro, Giulio, Gianpaolo, Filippo ed Emanuela, are the members of the cooperative.

To know us personally, we are waiting you to exchange ideas, proposals, projects …


I’ve been passionately committed to the development (sometimes a bit “anarchic”!) of the Cooperative since its establishment in 2000.

FILIPPO CURTI Enthusiast about nature in all its aspects, I’m constantly experimenting, pruning, trimming, watering… Sometimes it works.

ALESSANDRO SACCHETTI I spend most of my time doing agricultural and forestry works where they say I’m tireless. If necessary though I can bake a great apple pie at Agririfugio.

EMANUELA CHINCHELLA I receive you on your arrival at Agririfugio and I do my best to make you enjoy your stay.

EMANUELA CANEVA I deal with a bit of everything with passion and joy (which are sometimes less effort). My specialties, however, are the kitchen, preparing the cutlery and beers. A waste of time i am an art criticism, masseuse and tour guide.